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Among the various competences developed in the various fields, Di Pietro Company offers you a great professionalism about the maintenance of the systems. The owner and his staff have a thirty-year experience in every field, but with particular regard to heating and air conditioning systems. The expert staff follows the customer at every step of construction, from after-sale service to simple maintenance of Triggiano systems, offering promotional packages to ensure efficient and safe control for various types of boilers. The maintenance was carried out for important public entities such as: Triggiano City Council and superintendency in Public Works of Puglia and Basilicata. The offered services are managed by monitoring, programming, reporting and cost-reporting of activities, managing requests by Contact Center and emergency services h24. 

A programmed service

The interventions are followed by periodic inspections, technical and administrative-accounting activities related to the execution of the services or works. All of this is managed using a computer platform, thanks to which there is a constant exchange of requests for quotes and information between company and customer. Despite the economic crisis that has been getting involved our industry for many years, we are able to be competitive and participating in the industry with great dedication and economic study, leveraging over the direct sales of qualified material and specialised workforce. We are authorized dealers of Thermo-hydraulic material of the best brands. Thanks to the collaboration between the various sectors and the direct sale of high quality materials, we offer low-cost and quality performance. Continuous professional upgrading allows you to specialize, greatly reducing processing time, so you can intervene with timeliness and precision.